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Urban Waite ('04) and Clint Romag ('97)

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Urban Waite

"In some ways I think that WWU and Bellingham have played a large role in the novels I've written, which have been called everything from literary to thriller to noir to even most recently, present day westerns," writes Urban Waite ('04, M.A., English).

"I'm not sure about any of that but when I set out to write my first novel, 'The Terror of Living,' I looked back to the mountains east of Bellingham for my setting. And even now on my third novel, "The End of the Rainbow," which should come out in early October 2014, I have scenes actually set in Bellingham (Nothing at Western quite yet).

"Many of my favorite books from that period in my life were bought over at Village Books or from one of the used bookstores on Prospect Street downtown. Every year I read the same worn, cloth-bound copy of Hemingway's 'The Sun Also Rises' that I found in one of those shops (It's actually right here on the desk as I write to you). And then, either waiting for classes to start or for my shift at the Writing Center, I would take these books to the western-facing windows in the library -- the ones that look out over the bay -- and sit for an hour or two."

Waite's books include “The Carrion Birds,” (William Morrow, 2013) and “The Terror of Living,” (Little Brown, 2011).

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Clint Romag

As an International Business student, Clint Romag (’97) finished writing “The Werewolf Manuscript,” in Western’s Library. It became his first published novel and the beginning of a five-part series.

Now the author of several books featuring werewolves or sasquatches marauding the Pacific Northwest, Romag is planning a suspense novel set in Bellingham or Western’s campus with monsters of some kind – possibly Bigfoot.

Romag's books include “War of the Sasquatch” and “Werewolf in Bigfoot Country” (Amazon Digital Services, 2013).

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