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Young Alumna of the Year 2013

Jane Carten, president, Saturna Capital

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Jane Carten, Young Alumna of the Year 2013

Jane Carten (’01, Fairhaven Interdisciplinary Concentration; ’06, M.B.A) was already an Internet start-up entrepreneur when she was a student at Fairhaven, where she developed a concentration in Internet Entrepreneurship.

After graduation, she worked in her family’s investment firm, Saturna Capital, building the company’s website and leading marketing efforts. Meanwhile, she learned the investment side of the business and became the company’s director and president in 2009.

Today, Carten also works with Fairhaven College to provide more opportunities for entrepreneurial education. She established the Carten Family Scholarship to help Fairhaven student entrepreneurs gain hands-on business skills: Applicants develop a business idea and a website. The unique criteria fosters the kind of creative thinking required to be successful in business, and the scholarship covers tuition for an entire academic year.

Along with the rest of her family, Carten also supports a number of community organizations, including the Mount Baker Theatre, Pickford Film Center and St. Paul’s Academy.