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Woodring College of Education Distinguished Alumna 2013

Laurel W. Browning, Superintendent, Burlington-Edison School District

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Laurel W. Browning (’86, Child Development; ’93, M.Ed., Elementary School Administration) has served as superintendent of the Burlington-Edison School District since 2008. She has also held the positions of assistant superintendent and executive director of Teaching and Learning. In each of these roles, she has championed a focus on high quality teaching and learning for all students. It is her strong belief that all systems within a school and district must be structured to support effective instructional programming.

Browning also recognizes that community partners are critical in the success of schools and works diligently to create partnerships and community connections. Laurel was the acting chair of the Burlington Chamber of Commerce this year, holds partnerships with the Gates Foundation, Western and University of Washington, and serves on the board of the Washington Association of School Administrators.